The 4 Simplest Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Author: Frosina Angjelkoska



The 4 Simplest Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried every possible diet on the planet and yo-yoed back fast. You signed up for aerobics class, did your fair share of home exercises and created way too many fit motivation Pinterest boards to keep you fired up.


You even cut back on bread and sugar, but you’re still not able to shred those stubborn extra pounds.


What gives?


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Most of us resort to diets because we want to shed the pounds fast, but healthy weight loss is a process. It’s a challenging, yet rewarding journey that will make overreach your limitations and grow as a person. It requires commitment to eating nutrient-rich foods, working out, but also practicing a lot of self-love and patience.


I’m all about working out and being strong physically, but I’m also a loud advocate of being even stronger mentally. And for many people, the greatest struggle of all is staying motivated on their weight loss journey and not giving up.


If you find yourself slacking when you should be moving forward every day, here are 4 simple, but effective weight loss tips to help you lose weight.


Make Your Meals Count

You’ve heard it before, but yes – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It should be well-balanced to jumpstart your day and nutrient-packed to give you enough energy until lunch.


Make each meal count by preparing it from fresh, unprocessed and homemade ingredients. It is best to avoid refined sugars and highly processed carbs, but natural sugars found in fruits, honey or stevia can be a part of your diet in moderate amounts.


Know Your Body

Listen to your body closely and pay attention to the signs it gives you. Most of the time, our bodies know what’s best for them and if you observe how your digestive system reacts to the foods you eat, you can easily see which items are good for you and which you should eliminate from your diet.


The same goes for exercising – your body will tell you when it has reached its limit. Be kind to yourself and remember that it’s always more important to get there eventually than to get there fast at the expense of your health.


Appreciate Every Progress

We’re often so caught up in our failures that we forget to acknowledge our victories, no matter how small they may be. In weight loss, like in life, every step forward makes a difference.


The best way to remember your success is to keep track of it every day. Write down your daily accomplishments. If you had a clean eating day or a good exercise, jot that down. If you went another day without dessert, that’s another A in the book. Every action you take towards your goal is success.


Don’t Beat Yourself Up

There are days when we just want to just give up everything and eat junk food while binge-watching Netflix. Life’s too short to NOT eat that chocolate cake, right?


I’m all about cakes – and believe me, I’ve been tempted to try each kind on display in the neighborhood bakery. But on the other hand, I also believe that constantly making compromises with yourself is not a rational way of reaching your weight loss goals.


What I found useful is assigning one day in the month to indulge myself in my favorite dessert and then just let it go. This way, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something, but I’m still sticking to my healthy eating habits the rest of the time.


Have you tried any easy and effective weight loss tips that really work? I’d love to know in the comments below!